Final Yaldi

Final Yaldi is one of those games. Y’know, the deckbuilding roguelike games.

The difference with this one is that you lay out all the cards you want to play on a turn into a neat little tree.

And the reason you’re doing this is to respond to your opponent, who has just done the same. Only problem is, you can’t see all their cards.

So then you fight, and your Cower card blocks their Struggle card, and then you Kick-into-Jab while they’re taking a moment to Breathe and that’s a big hit from you - 12 damage! But then they Chop your Jab and it loses all of its lifetime, meaning you won’t get to use it again next turn.

Once you defeat your opponent you get to add more cards to your deck, and then fight stronger opponents. It’s the deckbuilding roguelike thing.

If this sounds exciting to you, then I have good news! The prototype of this game already exists, and is quite playable!

Where can I play?

(Desktop/laptop browser recommended, I mean, you pretty much need to use a mouse.)

One day, I will return to it…