An arcade blast of zen-state word building!

Lexslide is a game about making words in a warehouse.

A duck who has been there too long tells you what to do.

Soon, you let go of your desire to wait until you can make RADIOACTIVE and just accept RADIOS will do, moving on to make as many words as you can before time turns out - now you have entered the Lexslide state!

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Tap on the sliding boxes to build words!

Here are some of the features of Lexslide:

Different Styles Of Play

Lexslide Classic is an arcade-style game. This means you have two minutes to make as many words as possible. Move boxes up onto the shelf to build a word from start to end, and when what you’ve got is a real word, tap it to score it! You can select different levels to choose whichever style of play you are comfortable with.

In Lex5lide mode, only five letter words are legal. Combined with a shorter time limit while gaining more time for each word, this leads to a faster paced game with potential for really high scores!

For those of you who wish to just zone out and make some words for a while, Lexslide Infinite is there to support you.

There are other game modes planned to come after release, including:

Lexslide will soon be available on Google Play and the App Store! Why not sign up to the mailing list to find out when it's released?


Lexslide’s artwork was produced by Elisa Honório, and the music is provided by Cyberleaf Studio.

It was designed and programmed by me, Stephen Kyle!

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