Daily puzzles that feed your brain with words!

lexagons is the fun and unique new word game that encourages you to stretch the limits of your vocabulary and make uncommon words! Or is it the convivial and pristine debutant?

Every day provides new challenges for everyone in the world to compete against each other in.

Players start off with a few letters and must choose from a selection of letters, repeating this until they’ve made a word.

Make all ten words and complete the puzzle, before you fall for trick letters and make too many mistakes!

Every word you make is judged on how rare it is - the rarest words are worth 10 points! Try to get as close to 100 points each day, and compare your scores and words with your friends!

Chilled and regular puzzles are available for everyone to play. Purchasing the full game unlocks an extra challenging daily puzzle, as well as the ability to play as many puzzles as you want each day, and review the history of your daily puzzles.

Where can I play?

What do people have to say about lexagons?


It was designed and programmed by me, Stephen Kyle!

lexagons’s delightful music was produced by Gary Clinton. Go hire him.

Finally we have Joe Bazalgette on QA and Words.


Q: Where do you get your words from?

A: The word list is the commonly used ENABLE wordlist (see enable1.txt), with various bits of profanity and slurs removed.

Q: How do you determine which words are more rare than others?

A: This data comes from the raw data provided by the Google Books Ngram Viewer. So basically they have data from millions of books dating back to 1800. This data is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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