Developer: SKYLE Games, based in Cambridge, UK

Founding Date: 21st January 2022

Website: skylegames.pro

Contact: skyle@skylegames.pro



SKYLE Games is a one-person game development studio with the aim to create interesting games that try to avoid current exploitative models.


While Stephen Kyle has been playing around with creating games for years, it was only in 2022 he decided to become more serious about this endeavour and create a studio. While Stephen has many years experience as a software developer, and a keen passion for data-driven design from his academic career, he has had some experience in game development before. In 2010, he joined some of his talented friends to form Bazooka Duck. Together, they successfully brought his idea for a time-travelling RTS game Epoch Defence through the Dare to be Digital design competition and picked up two awards (Team Choice Award, Intel Visual Adrenaline Award) along the way.

First game: Lexslide

Lexslide is a word building game that wants to help you expand your vocabulary. Build words from fragments that slide across the screen, and marvel as the game reacts to help you build the words. Sometimes you might just find yourself building a word you didn’t know!